1     MyJohnDeere™...

1.1      Operations Center

1.1.1       Creation of Organizations

1.1.2       Team Manager and Sharing Model

1.1.3       Permissions Report

1.1.4       User and Organization Preferences

1.1.5       Map View..    Location History    Weather

1.1.6       Notification Center

1.1.7       Land Manager

1.1.8       Product Manager

1.1.9       Field Analyzer and Agronomic Reports

1.1.10     Crop Planner

1.1.11     MyFiles

1.1.12     Setup Builder

1.1.13     Prescription Creator

1.1.14     John Deere Data Manager

1.1.15     John Deere Software Manager

1.1.16     MyJobConnect™...

1.1.17     MyMachineConnect™...     Equipment List in Operations Center     JDLink™...     Wireless Data Transfer     Remote Display Access and Reports     Service ADVISOR™ Remote     Further usage and collection of MyMachineConnect™ data     John Deere Expert Alerts     John Deere Mobile Data Transfer     Terminals Tool

1.2      JDLink™ Dashboard

1.2.1       Dashboard

1.2.2       Map    Landmarks    Equipment

1.2.3       Maintenance Plans

1.2.4       Tools    Fuel Utilization Report    Engine Hours Report    Engine Utilization Report    Terminals    My Organization    Equipment Groups    Mixed Fleet Data Solution Providers

1.2.5       Notifications

1.3      API access via developer.deere.com..

1.3.1       MyJohnDeere™ API

1.3.2       Machine Data

1.3.3       Offline SDK – EIC..    ADAPT    John Deere ADAPT Plugin

1.3.4       Logistics API (AgLogic™)

1.3.5       FieldConnect API

1.4      StellarSupport™...

1.5      JDParts™...

1.6      Display and CommandARM™ Simulator

MyJohnDeere™ Privacy Notice
Annex A
MyJohnDeere™ Feature Description


Territory Scope: World Wide

Release Date: 2018-05-25

Language: English

1       MyJohnDeere™

MyJohnDeere.com is a centralized location to access the following tools which requires a user account and registration. This includes access to current applications such as JDLink™, JDParts™, and StellarSupport™. Additionally, MyJohnDeere.com hosts new applications such as the Operations Center, the first place to go in order to monitor the current work status, and my equipment which gives owners a quick overview of their machines and associated machine capabilities.

The user account includes customer address, phone number, email address, user preferences, records about consents, user’s system settings as well as information entered by the user, optional information about supporting dealer.

Data can be made available in MyJohnDeere™ through various interfaces: e.g. file upload via web service, file upload via Windows tools, mobile applications, 3 rd party applications using interfaces provided by John Deere and machines which are capable of sending data directly into the MyJohnDeere™ System. The received data is aggregated, enhanced and converted to be stored and made accessible to the customer enabling the MyJohnDeere™ features, described below.

1.1       Operations Center

Operations Center is John Deere’s agriculture web portal. It is a platform for products and services that improve machine uptime, logistics management, and agronomic decision making, all housed in a centralized location.

It enables customers to access the tools and information they may need to manage their land and fleet of machines. Access to MyJohnDeere.com is possible from any Internet-connected device, including laptop, smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Also, Operations Center integrates on-board and off-board in order to plan, run, and manage a producer’s operation more efficiently through the entire farming cycle.

1.1.1     Creation of Organizations

Organization are grouping entities for a farm, dealer, agronomic advisor or any other unit with staff members. Every user can create its own organizations or be invited to any organization. There is no hierarchy between organizations or a legal relation between a user account and an organization. Organizations can be connected via partnerships and share data between them.

All data you which is stored and processed in your Operations Center account is associated with an organization as grouping entity. In addition to your data John Deere stores and processes information about access rights of users and other organizations to your organization.

1.1.2     Team Manager and Sharing Model

Within Team Manager, formerly known as “My Organization”, the user has the ability to add staff members and easily adjust the data access rights of their employees. The user can add partners to the system that they would like to share data with on a regular basis. Examples of partnerships are connecting with a dealership to exchange machine performance and management data, or with an agronomic adviser to share field information in order to receive quick decision support in the middle of the season.

Customer may also authorize or restrict Dealer, Partner Organizations and/or 3rd party access and use Customer`s Data. Deere may provide on behalf of the customer Dealers and/or 3rd party information and data for the purpose of servicing Customer’s equipment including machine diagnostics, remote servicing and machine component software updates.

1.1.3     Permissions Report

In the Operations Center Tools section is a report about permissions of direct staff members as well about partner organizations available. This helps the customer to keep track of who has access to customer’s data and at which level.

1.1.4     User and Organization Preferences

In Operations Center there is a preferences dialog for the organization preferences. There some settings which are depending on the customer’s preferences and needs can be done. Also the organization address can be configured here. Like described before there is no legal relation between a user account (and the provided address) and the organization. The customer is obliged to enter and update a valid address and country for the organization. The country has impacts on how John Deere processes and stores customer’s data according to the applicable country law. Any wrong information entered here keeps John Deere away from any claims about data privacy concerns.

In the “User Preferences” under the “Connections” tab the user gets an overview about all 3 rd party apps where the user has granted access in the past. This page gives the ability to revoke such access. As reminder: When a customer gives access to a 3 rd party application the access approval is for this user and grants access to all organizations where the user is member or has access via organization partnerships. The access to the organizations data is limited to the user permissions the user has in each context.

1.1.5     Map View

The operations center provides a quick and descriptive overview of ongoing activities on a map to help users to make fact-based decisions around resource planning, machine productivity, and logistics. MyJohnDeere.com users can check machine location, work progress of the equipment (location history) and, when clicking on the machine icon, a detailed machine flag will reveal additional information such as fuel tank level, machine state, and current speed.    Location History

Location History enables remote monitoring of machine productivity during operations. Machine location, machine state, fuel level, heading, and path are monitored and reported through the Operations Center.

Data points are collected for every 15 degrees of heading change or when machine state changes. Examples of machine states are idle, work, or transport. Collected information is reported and displayed in Operations Center, according to cellular report interval (call-in frequency) of each machine. This information is sent according to cellular report intervals using JDLink™ hardware to display machine path in Operations Center.

If you have enhanced Location History, you will see updates on a much more frequent basis (10 minutes or less) when machine is active and operating within the collection criteria listed above.

Location History data is accessible for a running 60-day period, but only 24-hour periods can be viewed at a time.    Weather

To enable users to make timely and efficient logistics and productivity decisions, MyJohnDeere™-Operations Center allows static weather radar image in addition to a 5 day weather forecast to overlay on their assets on the map. In order to see the static weather radar and the 5-day forecast, users will have to toggle the weather icon on the map.

Weather information shown will be based on the center location of the map. The User can click on current conditions to get the 5 day forecast and change location of weather by zip code or city/state (map automatically centers to the new location when applied).

1.1.6     Notification Center

Notification Center allows users the ability to see up to date information on activities being performed within operation. The following types of notifications are available:

1.1.7     Land Manager

Land Manager helps to manage fields with the associated Client and Farm and location-based attributes of the field such as guidance lines and boundaries.

1.1.8     Product Manager

Products Manager contains all products used in the specific organization. Products include chemicals (including fertilizers) and varieties. Active products in Product Manager populate in the product list in Setup Builder and Jobs. Products help ensure accurate documentation in the field and for records when they are sent to the display in a setup file. Products are populated in the list by manually adding each one. Products that are part of incoming field documentation do not currently populate the products list.

1.1.9     Field Analyzer and Agronomic Reports

Field Analyzer allows users to view agronomic documentation data like: yield, rate, and variety or product maps from current and previous years. Users can determine which operation and layers they wish to view to perform a comparison of previous years. The Agronomic Reports provides a summary by operations and fields providing totals and key information.

1.1.10  Crop Planner

Crop planner allows users to create, manage, and view their crop production systems. The user is able to assign fields to crop production systems and set target yields. In addition, crop planner allows to plan all field operations for the specific operation such as tillage, seeding, application, harvest, etc. for each crop production system. Jobs can be added to the planned operation and executed via MyJobs and MyJobs Manager Applications.

1.1.11  MyFiles

MyFiles is file management and routing tool of Operations Center. Files can be uploaded via several paths into MyFiles: Web browser upload, John Deer Data Manager, Mobile Data Transfer, Wireless Data Transfer or any 3 rd party application via API access. File types which are supported are: machine display documentation data, prescription maps, PDF’s, setup files and harvest ID.

Please be aware that the upload of any other files is also possible and they will be processed and stored, also if they are then not accessible via MyFiles. Also other files which are included in a valid file type’s ZIP file will be stored, processed and potentially shared. It is the customers obligation to ensure that no sensitive or date where he has no rights is uploaded and distributed via MyFiles.

MyFiles allows you to share supported file types with other users and organizations and to send data to a machine. It is your responsibility to ensure that the data is treated confidential and according to national law when sharing. When you or someone where the data is shared with is downloading the file John Deere can’t control access and distribution anymore.

1.1.12  Setup Builder

Setup Builder is a tool which allows you to write a machine display setup which contains preconfigured documentation settings like information about the equipment, the employees, the products and fields. Such setup files can be sent directly to the machine and are available in MyFiles.

1.1.13  Prescription Creator

The prescription creator is a tool, which allows you to create a free zone prescription for your fields or to create zones out of pervious operation data from the field. The prescription file can be sent to a machine display for execution and is available in MyFiles and be assigned to a MyJobs™ task. For prescription creation your operational data plus related data will be sent to a 3 rd party supplier of John Deere which is then contributing the created prescription back into your MyJohnDeere™ account. When using the prescription creation tool the supplier gets access to the following categories of data:

1.1.14  John Deere Data Manager

Data Manager is a Microsoft Windows desktop tool available through MyJohnDeere.com site. Install John Deere Data Manager to unload data from a Universal Serial Bus (USB) drive and transfer data to an organization's account in Operations Center.

1.1.15  John Deere Software Manager

Software Manager is a Microsoft Windows desktop tool available through MyJohnDeere.com site. This tool allows you to update the software of your GreenStar™ machine display.

1.1.16  MyJobConnect™

The John Deere MyJobConnect™ package enables the user to run the newly developed Job Management through a John Deere Operations Center account. The package includes the MyJobs™ app, the MyJobs™ Manager app and the Jobs functionality in the Operations Center. Contractors and managers of arable farms will benefit and be able to reuse all the fields, clients, machines, and products they have into their Operations Centers. MyJobConnect™ allows them to schedule, send, and monitor jobs, being deeply connected with the operators all of the time. Keep working from anywhere thanks to the app’s offline capability.

Whether in the office, the cab, or on the go, users will be able to view a list of jobs, the details of every single job, and keep others up to date on their work statuses.

From a manager’s perspective, the feature can be accessed in two ways: from the office as an integrated tool within the Operations Center, or on the go, utilizing a dedicated MyJobs™ Manager App on an iPad. Operators will use the dedicated and simplified MyJobs™ App on an iPhone or iPad specifically designed to match their needs.

For the following countries (Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, UK) there is the possibility to order MyJobConnect™ Premium additionally including access to the MyLogistics™ application.

1.1.17  MyMachineConnect™

The John Deere MyMachineConnect™ package enables the user to access and manage all machine related data. MyMachineConnect™ consisting and sold by the following features.  Equipment List in Operations Center

Equipment page allows users to search, add, edit, and delete equipment produced by John Deere and other companies. Equipment can be self-propelled machines or implements and don’t need any machine connectivity to exist as machine asset. All machines which have a connectivity hardware like JDLink™ automatically available in the equipment list in Operations Center. By clicking on a machine more detailed information can be shown depending on the connectivity type of the machine.  JDLink™

JDLink™ is John Deere's telematics system connecting all make/model machines in the field with the office and mobile devices. The technology bases on a modular telematics gateway (MTG) controller that collects and transmits data via cellular network, selective data points even in near real-time. The solution enables growers to keep track of their fleets, monitor work progress, manage logistics, access important machine information, analyze and optimize machine performance, receive alert SMS or email messages, perform remote operator support and automate data exchange.

Leveraging a FarmSight™ service package, growers can further benefit from increased machine uptime utilizing remote dealer service capabilities such as diagnostics, CAN-data tracking, software updates, and operator support.

Information and features can be accessed through either the Operations Center (recommended for daily operation) or the JDLink™ tab (recommended for detailed machine analysis) on MyJohnDeere.com or levering the JDLink™ app and mobile devices in general.

Depending on the subscription level and machine type the following information will be stored and processed. This includes: